Kidz House Event Features

Sync To Your Calendar

Sync The Kidz House Event calendar to your smartphone device and you’ll never miss an event. Click Here to Add Our Calendar.



Fun Activities

Each month we schedule several events to engage your child. Click on each event to get more details.



Join us

We understand our parents are eager to participate in activities that involve their children. So we have designed events to allow parents to do just that.

Note: To see if an event is “parent participation welcomed”, view event details.


Sync Our Calendar Instructions

To Your Android Device

  1. Open Google Calendar. You can only add a calendar using a link from a computer, not the app.
  2. Next to “Other calendars” on the left, click the Down arrow.
  3. Select Add by URL.
  4. Copy the Kidz House calendar’s address found here: KidzHouseCalendar
  5. Click Add Calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under “Other calendars.”

Note: It might take up to 12 hours for changes to show in your Google Calendar.


Add using a linkSubscribe to Our Events Calendar


  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Tap on Add Account… under the Mail section.
  4. Tap on Other.
  5. Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar under the Other section.
  6. Copy the Kidz House calendar’s address found here: KidzHouseCalendar
  7. Tap the Next button.
  8. Tap the Save button.

That’s it, the Kidz House’s Event Calendar will now show up in the Calendar app.

Add Using a LinkSubscribe to Our Events Calendar


To enroll your children at the Kidz House, contact us today…

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